Ionian islands

You can enjoy the view of the Ionian islands from Lemonelia apartment but you can also cross over and visit them.

Daily trips are organized to the closest islands,Paxi-Antipaxi,Lefkas,Scorpios,Corfu. We will be pleased to give you all the necessary information.



Tiny green islands known for their exotic beaches, crystal turquoise waters, picturesque villages and the unique fjords with the sea caves.


A wonderful green island with gorgeous beaches, many resorts, traditional villages and of course the beautiful town of Lefkada. The island is connected to the mainland by a floating bridge.

There are ferries from Lefkas to other Ionian islands as well as the famous "scorpios" owned by Aristotle Onasis.


One of the most interesting cosmopolitan and beautiful islands in Greece.

The island which enchanted poets and kings. It offer everything from desert beaches to historical monuments,medieval villages ,Byzantine churches, beautiful buildings, to traditional Greek tavernas and modern accommodation. The city of Corfu is beautiful and characterized by the strong presence of Venetians elements.

Corfu is definetaly a place worth visiting.

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